Brand New From YOUR NAME

"New [THING] Reveals How To [GET RESULT]" 

...Even if [FRUSTRATION]


From the desk of [YOUR NAME],


Dear Friend, 

If you want to get [RESULT], this will be the most important book you'll ever read. (Don't forget to put an image of you or the product in that section on the left.)

But first, address skepticism.

If they're going to be naturally skeptical, address it here.

Or you can delete this section.

I like to address it straight on by giving a damaging admission.

Like "this isn't for everyone and it's certainly not a magic pill. But if you ..."

You get the idea.

The rest of the text is just a placeholder.

Hendrerit dolor magna eget est lorem ipsum dolor. Quam quisque id diam vel quam elementum pulvinar etiam non. 

Ultrices dui sapien eget mi proin sed libero. 

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Pharetra massa massa ultricies mi quis hendrerit dolor. Dolor sed viverra ipsum nunc aliquet. 

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Then Talk About The Benefits!

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's [describe how it's different and better here].

(Hey don't forget to put an image of you or the product in that spot on the left.)

 There's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.  

Plus, it's easy to read.  

At just XX pages, you can read it in XX time (for example "an afternoon").    

And you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I personally used to [DO THE COOL STUFF YOU TALK ABOUT IN THE BOOK.]

Here's just a fraction of what's inside and what it might mean for you:

(This next part is where you put your bullet points. The more you use, the better!)

  • Sagittis purus sit amet volutpat. Mattis ullamcorper velit sed ullamcorper.


    egestas egestas fringilla phasellus faucibus scelerisque eleifend donecEst ante in nibh mauris cursus mattis molestie a iaculis. Massa ultricies mi quis hendrerit dolor magna eget est. Nisi lacus sed viverra tellus in hac habitasse platea dictumst (See page 3.)

  • Burus in mollis nunc sed id semper risus in.

    Netus et malesuada fames ac turpis.

    You'll get a crystal clear understanding of this on page 54.

    The simple secret a lacus vestibulum sed arcu non odio euismod lacinia at.. (See page 20.)

  • Convallis posuere morbi leo urna molestie. Feugiat pretium nibh ipsum consequat nisl vel pretium. 

    Aenean vel elit scelerisque mauris pellentesque.

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  • Leo urna molestie at elementum eu facilisis sed odio morbi. Quam lacus suspendisse faucibus interdum posuere lorem ipsum.

  • Non arcu risus quis varius quam quisque. Scelerisque varius morbi enim nunc faucibus a pellentesque sit amet. (See page 7.)

  • STEAL THIS: Rhoncus aenean vel elit scelerisque mauris pellentesque pulvinar. Nunc id cursus metus aliquam eleifend. .

  • , I Interdum velit euismod in pellentesque massa. Ornare massa eget egestas purus viverra. Quam lacus suspendisse faucibus interdum posuere lorem ipsum dolor.E

    st pellentesque elit ullamcorper dignissim cras tincidunt lobortis feugiat vivamus. Metus vulputate eu scelerisque felis imperdiet proin.

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  •  Fringilla ut morbi tincidunt augue interdum velit euismod in pellentesque. Risus viverra adipiscing at in tellus integer.

Another Big Benefit Goes Here!

That sub head is used to break up the page and let you talk about how cool your book is. Then you add even MORE bullet points below. Like so:

Plus you'll also discover …

  • Tellus pellentesque eu tincidunt tortor aliquam nulla facilisi. (Page 9).

  • Sit amet justo donec enim diam vulputate ut pharetra. Auctor augue mauris augue neque gravida. 

  • Ultricies mi quis hendrerit dolor magna.(See page 13)

  • Euismod "lacinia at quis" risus sed vulputate odioIn egestas erat imperdiet sed euismod nisi revealed on page 17.

  • Sed vulputate odio ut enim blandit volutpat.A iaculis at erat pellentesque adipiscing commodo.(Starting on page 19.)

ed lectus vestibulum..

Aliquam malesuada bibendum arcu vitae elementum curabitur ....

And ANOTHER Big Benefit!

Yes, you're still talking about specific things they'll learn from your book. This part refers to the big benefit in that sub-head above. (Then you tell them what page they can discover it on in parenthesis here. On page 23.)

Plus, I reveal (Yes, even MORE bullet points below!)...

  • Vulputate odio ut enim blandit volutpat maecenas volutpat blandit. Pulvinar etiam non quam lacus. Porttitor lacus luctus accumsan tortor revealed on page 53.

  • When you should never ec ultrices dui sapien eget mi proin. Nulla posuere sollicitudin aliquam ultrices sagittis orci a scelerisque purus

    Ullamcorper sit amet risus nullam eget felis eget nunc. 

     Ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur on page 40.

  • How billion dollar CEOs, politicians, and even cult leaders sed risus pretium quam vulputate dignissim suspendisse. 

  • The fastest way to Massa sapien faucibus et molestie ac feugiat sed lectus vestibulum (Page 50.)

  • The REAL way to Sollicitudin nibh sit amet commodo nulla facilisi..

    Forget what the "experts" say... Arcu risus quis varius quam quisque id. Faucibus purus in massa tempor nec feugiat nisl pretium fusce. Odio facilisis mauris sit amet massa vitae. Lectus arcu bibendum at varius vel pharetra vel turpis nunc.

Donec massa sapien faucibus et molestie ac feugiat.

But it's just the tip of the iceberg because you're also getting …

Even More Knowledge!

This could refer to a bonus product.

Or it could refer to a specific topic you cover in your book that's so important that it deserves it's own little section an sub-head.

Then you talk about the benefits of knowing THAT: 

Benefit 1: Mi ipsum faucibus vitae aliquet nec ullamcorper 

Benefit 2: Mi bibendum neque egestas congue quisque

Then you summarize it here.

Just a few short sentences. Nothing fancy.

Write like you talk. 

Instant (Or Fast) Gratification! 

This is where you tell them they can download it instantly.

(Without having to wait for the mail to arrive).

Or you can tell them you have fast shipping.

We're basically leading up to the next part which is ...

Here's What To Do Next

The "cost" of this book is $X.XX, and you get it instantly as a PDF download. (Or however they get it.)

Why $X.XX?   

  This is where you talk about why it's so cheap ...or why it's more than what others charge.

The copy below is just a placeholder.

Sit amet volutpat consequat mauris.

 Vitae justo eget magna fermentum iaculis eu.  

Neque egestas congue quisque egestas diam in arcu cursus euismod.

  Mauris vitae ultricies leo integer malesuada nunc vel risus commodo. 

  Risus nec feugiat in fermentum posuere urna.  

Aliquam faucibus purus in massa tempor nec feugiat.

In vitae turpis massa sed elementum tempus egestas...

There's No Catch

This is where you tell them there's no catch.

This isn't a bait and switch.

The book is good and there are no hidden charges.

The rest of this text is placeholder.

Malesuada fames ac turpis egestas sed tempus urna et pharetra    Adipiscing vitae.

Massa tempor "nec feugiat nisl" pretium fusce id velit ut. 

At erat pellentesque adipiscing commodo elit at imperdiet dui


Malesuada pellentesque elit eget gravida cum sociis natoque.  

Id donec ultrices tincidunt arcu non sodales:

Time Is Of The Essence.

This is where you encourage them to order now.

You can use scarcity (as long as it's real.)

You can also tell them that you'll probably raise the price (assuming you'd consider doing that.)

Or you can do what I like to do ...which is to explain that it costs you more in advertising than you actually make from the book you might not keep it selling it at this price for long.

Then tell them that your hope is they like the book so much that they'll want to buy more stuff from you later. (Assuming all of that is true).

The rest of this text is placeholder:

Egestas integer.  

Mi sit amet mauris commodo quis imperdiet.

Eget nunc lobortis mattis aliquam faucibus purus in.

Amet purus gravida quis blandit turpis cursus in?


Aliquam ultrices sagittis orci a scelerisque purus semper.

Maecenas volutpat blandit aliquam etiam.  

Suspendisse sed nisi lacus sed viverra tellus in hac habitasse.  

Oh - Egestas fringilla phasellus.  

faucibus scelerisque. Condimentum lacinia quis vel eros donec ac...

You Really ARE Getting This Book For $X.XX

But you need to order now.

Restate why they need to order right away.

Short sentences.

Then we'll add in ...

An Ironclad Guarantee!

This is where you put your guarantee.

Just a few short sentences.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy

Now Before They're All Gone

This is where you sign off and thank them for reading.


P.S. This is where you restate the offer.

I'm giving you this book about XXX and you'll learn XXX.

All you pay is a measly $X.XX. 

(That's less than what you'd pay for something like a cup of coffee or a movie ticket etc.) 


Then you want to restate the guarantee.

Then you want to tell them why it's important to buy it right now.

DISCLAIMER: Pulvinar etiam non quam lacus suspendisse faucibus interdum posuere. Massa tincidunt dui ut ornare lectus sit amet est placerat. Euismod lacinia at quis risus sed vulputate odio ut enim. Rhoncus est pellentesque elit ullamcorper dignissim cras. Consequat mauris nunc congue nisi vitae suscipit tellus mauris. Morbi quis commodo odio aenean sed adipiscing diam. Vitae purus faucibus ornare suspendisse sed nisi lacus sed. Et leo duis ut diam quam nulla porttitor. Imperdiet proin fermentum leo vel orci porta non pulvinar neque. Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing. Maecenas accumsan lacus vel facilisis volutpat est velit egestas. Ligula ullamcorper malesuada proin libero. Enim nec dui nunc mattis enim ut. Egestas purus viverra accumsan in nisl nisi scelerisque eu.

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