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Why Incorporate

We will lower your taxes improve your cash flow and protect your assets.


The ownership of a corporation can be easily transferred. The corporations life is not dependent upon its members. If the owner dies or wishes to do something else, the corporation can still exist with simply transferring the corporation.

Capital can be raised for the corporation through the sale of stock.

Retirement plans, such as a 401K, can be easily set up with a corporation.

Ok, so you’ve decided to incorporate, but where?

In Nevada you will have protection for Directors and officers from personal liability for lawful acts committed on behalf of the corporation or by the corporation.

The corporate anonimity in Nevada has been broken only twice in the last 31 years, and both cases where fraudulent.

The state of Nevada is “pro-business” meaning the state’s main objective is potecting the business owner.

Benefits to incorporation:
  1. Remote Operation and Ownership You do not have to reside in Nevada or even be a US citizen to possess and incorporate in Nevada. Through Nevada incorporation you can also control the corporation namelessly.

  2. Nevada Corporations are State Tax Free
    • No: Corporate income tax
    • No: Franchise tax
    • No: Capital stock tax
    • No: Tax on corporation shares
    • No: Estate tax
    • No: Inventory tax
    • No: Personal income tax
    • No: Stock transfer fee or Inheritance tax
    • No: Gift tax

  3. State Record Privacy Nevada does not contain an Information Sharing Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

  4. Direct Control One person may embrace the offices of president, secretary, treasurer, and be the exclusive director. Most states require a minimum of 3 directors and officers.

  5. No bare minimum CapitalizationRequirement A Nevada corporation can be capitalized with no cash or tangible property if you should desire, other than the required costs of incorporating in Nevada. Most states call for a corporation to have at least $1,000.00 in capital in order to initiate business.

  6. Flexible transfer of Shares Laws A Nevada corporation may purchase, sell, or hold transfer shares of it’s own stock.

  7. Stock Valuation Control Directors of the corporation can conclude the value of every class or series of stock to be sold by the corporation, and their decision is absolute.

  8. Friendly Business Legislature Nevada’s corporate code was significantly revised in 1991, making the complete incorporation process faster, more efficient, and creating larger liability protections and confidentiality for corporate principles than before. The Legislature in Nevada remains committed to its goal of keeping Nevada business friendly.

  9. Ease of Meeting Requirements With proper notification, stockholder and directors of a Nevada corporation are able to act with unanimous consent in substitution of formal meetings.

  10. Flexible Distribution of Rules Nevada Incorporation and LLC formation (Limited Liability Company) allows the business to pay dividends out as profits and as surplus.

  11. Diverse Operations One corporation may conduct diverse kinds of business. Any legal business action may be conducted if the documents filed for that particular Nevada Corporation contain the broadest type “purpose clause”?

  12. Corporate By-Laws The director(s) hold the power to compose or alter by-laws.

  13. Limitation of Liability The personal liability of the directors, officers and stockholders of Nevada corporations may be protected when acting on behalf of the corporation.

  14. Inexpensive Operation and Maintenance The once a year filling fee for a Nevada corporation is only $125 which is significantly lower than California which is $800.

  15. Flexible Financial Control There is no usury law in Nevada. Your corporation may charge as much interest as it sees fit for loans made to third parties.

  16. Powerful Corporate Shield When properly run there has never been a case in which a Nevada corporate veil has been pierced. Nevada courts have very seldom pierced a corporate veil in the past 20 years and in most of theses cases this took place due to fraud resulting in harm to another party


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